Thursday, March 12, 2015

Badge Spaz

As you know in design tech class we have been making badges. At this moment right now I have successfully finished creating my badge on Google Draw. I would love some feed back on how I did on making my badge so I made this survey to ask you guys how I did. So Please fill this survey out for me and don't worry no personal information will be recorded it the process of taking my survey. Here it is!If you have trouble viewing my survey there is a thing to scroll down on my survey.

Thank You!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Badges what motivates you?

 Badge for kids who do good coding. 
Badge for kids who are good builders
In design class we have been challenged to make badges. To make these badges I would have to know a few things. Like What are we going to do with our badges?, How do you make a vector image?, and What badges would students work for?. Well you are probably wondering "Wait a minute why are you talking about badges?". Well I am talking about
badges because in design class we are making badges to give out when you earn them in class. Like when you are on time to class for a month, when you finish a certain task, or when you are always prepared for class.Wait a minute did you know that other teacher all over the world are giving out badges too. Like in an English class you could get a badge every time they pass a stage in the writing cycle. "Wait but how can you know what kids like on badges?" you ask. Well I have taken a survey and the kids that responded said that it should have pictures that represent what you have done, have unique shapes, bold text, and an array of colors. While I am telling you all of this I should mention that my class is going to be using digital vector based badges. Why we are using these? Well we are using them because #1 if they are digital we can have them sent to us and we can save them forever #2 vector images are practically just drawings on the computer so you can zoom in and zoom out and they won't pix elated or blurry. Well that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading! Pictures from:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's a Flappy Revolution

Hello my favorite blog viewers. Today in Design class we got to code our very own Flappy Bird game! Doing the coding was way easier than I thought but it was actually because of the program that I used The game that I made has a good amount of differences from the original game that you can buy in the app store. My game has a spaceship, winter chimneys and more. Wondering what my game's all about? Well click on this link and you will find out Hope you like my game The Christmas Space Invasion.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Sneak Peak Into the Future

Hi everybody I would advise you to not stop reading this because it will get interesting.
Today I will be showing you what I am planning on making my blog look like in the future. I have designed different sketches of what I want my blog to look like and to my surprise all of my sketches fit all of my design specifications so picking a winner might be hard. Here are my sketches.
chong 2.jpg   chong 1.jpg
So those are my designs. We have Photo Buliding, Life in a Movie, Making a Story, and Making Music.By the titles of these blogs you can probably tell what they are about. Now  I will be making a sort of pros and cons list to help make my decision on which blog design is the best.

Making Music
Making a Story
Life in a Movie
Photo Buliding
Fits all requirements
Fits all requirements
Fits all requirements
Fits all requirements
Is organized
Not too organized
Doesn't have enough pages
Has a banner
Hard to write about
Good way to share my writing
Bad subtitle
Easy to write about
Has a creative layout
Easy to read posts
Hard to write about
Is organized

After looking at my chart I can tell Life in a Movie is out. Since all of my sketches fit all my requirements you would think that I would be down to picking which design is prettier or makes me feel warm inside. But no! There is one design that I’ve noticed that fits all of the requirements and more! (Also it might just be the topic I like the best too) (Maybe). And that design is………. Photo Buliding! It didn’t win by much but the Photo Building sketch had a banner (and it also might be my favorite topic) but it still won anyways! So hopefully next time you visit my blog it look pretty much like the Photo Building sketch.     

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog! In my blog I will be sharing with you guys things that I find interesting. I can share things with everybody who is on my blog. I can share positive posts (pictures, videos, etc…) by not putting anything offensive in my  blog and only putting positive things on my blog and in return I hope to have positive comments and viewers too. In my blog I will be using what I have learned at school to help me along the way. Since this is my blog and my blog and my blog only I will use it to reflect me. For example the background probably one of my pictures and my posts would also be specialized to what interests me and would interest my viewers. To help you guys (the readers) I am planning to have a search box so you can find whatever your heart desires. I am also planning to have categories on all of my posts so you can find what interests you and a dates search box so that if you want to find this post you aren't looking at a post from December. Lastly I know some blogs can seem just boring but I am planning to try to insert some sort of media in each post and read over each post carefully to make sure that it will fit your interest needs. Thanks and please visit my blog again!